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This map is a brilliant concept for scraping visited destinations, revealing the world map in an attractive and updated style underneath. It's the perfect card or gift for travel enthusiasts by allowing full customization of the card to display a unique travel story.

Just grab a coin and start scratching off all the destinations you've had the chance to visit. Create your own personalized map of the ever-changing world. Countries are represented on the map, and also major cities on the top layer and the world map below, allowing for more detailed scraping.

The Scratch Off World Map is printed on high-quality tissue paper with a luxurious looking glossy coating and works just like a scratch off map, once the gold coating is removed the map underneath is revealed.

A superb and unique gift for the traveler!!!

Scratch World Details:

  • Cartography, well detailed, known to Maps International.
  • Capitals and several important cities per country.
  • French language !
  • New layer very easy to scrape off.
  • A modern look, satin finish.
  • Size: 24x36 inches (84.1cm x 59.4cm)
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